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Dennis Reinhardt, founder
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Dennis Reinhardt

ASP Hall

About Dennis Reinhardt

Dennis was chief programmer for the prime equipment supplier of Telephone Answering Bureau automation equipment to AT&T and held a comparable position at a medical telecommunications subsidiary of Pfizer.

Dennis is an MIT graduate in electrical engineering. He was granted 7 US Patents while working at Intel as a computing Architect in the 1990's.

Early in his 25+ year journey as Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Dennis served several years as chapter chair of the 4000-5000 member Computer Society of the IEEE. He later served as President and prior to that Board Chair of the Association of Software Professionals. He was later inducted into the ASP Hall of Fame for 2012.

About DAIR Systems LLC

DAIR Systems LLC is the successor to DAIR Computer Systems which established Telephone Message Pad in 2010 and continues to operate it now. Current operation is focused on, whose site you are reading now.